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Gemini Quality Care, Inc.’. mission is to provide qualified healthcare professionals to Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Home Health Agencies throughout the United States. Our goal is to provide our clients with cost effective and customized solutions. Our diverse pool of healthcare professionals are highly trained and possess sound clinical experience.

We are committed to ensuring that you receive only the best healthcare professionals. To this end, all candidates are thoroughly screened and interviewed by our Recruitment RNs to match your criteria. After the selection process we provide candidates with orientation with the focus on standards of care and our clients’ unique needs to aid in the transition.

Our seasoned and experienced leadership team understands the hospitial, Nursing Home and Home Health Agencies environment.

We work with you to provide the following services to match your needs.

* Long term recruitment plan
* Saving in your money, time and recruitment effort
* A reduction in travel nurse expenses
* A regular supply of high caliber experienced nurses
* 100% money back guarantee on all placed nurses

Our Quality Assurance Department verifies that each candidate meets the licensing certification and employment requirements in your states and a back ground check is performed. The QA department ensures that each candidate possess the skill sets and experience to provide you with the best possible fit.

Gemini selects diverse qualified nurses and physiotherapists based on the following criteria

* Fluent in English
* Matched to specific needs of your organization
* Exceptionally qualified with a minimum of 3 years in Medical Surgical
* Ability to meet your specific terms of length employment
* Thorough comprehensive screening of each nurse
* Excellent referneces from prior employers
* Complete compliance with all US immigration & State licensing requirements

Gemini presents you with resumes for a selection of candidates that match your specific requirements. You can choose any number of these for interview. We then schedule interviews using your preferred method, face to face, telephone or video conference.

We are committed to supporting our staff with following:

* Orientation specific to job placement.
* Relocation and on going support.

For your consulting,staffing and training needs, Gemini Quality Care is your solution.

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